Ward 1 Town Hall | September 28, 7-9 at City Hall

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Also joining us will be guests Mike Schreiner (Green Party Leader of Ontario) and Kithio Mwanzia (President and CEO of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce) for a facilitated community discussion on updating Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative.

Please consider joining us.

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Note to parents of new Ecole Guelph Lake students

Many parents may have already received this from the school board but as a reminder there will be a new crossing guard stationed at Eastview & Severn starting in September. This is based on the School Boards research into pedestrian traffic to the new Ecole Guelph Lake.  As a note, there will also be a traffic study completed at Watson & Eastview within the first few weeks of September to gauge the increased traffic to and from the school. This will help determine the necessity for traffic lights in the future.

Enjoy the last few weeks of the summer!


In Defence of Inflationary Tax Increases

Attached are some of my comments shared during the 2016 budget debate.  My challenge to council as we move closer to the 2017 budget process is, “how are our decisions on taxation supporting vulnerable home owners in Guelph”.


National study’s would suggest that as many as 11,000 households in Guelph are currently living paycheque to paycheque while trying to own or pay a mortgage on their home.  This represents a significant demographic in our city that is truly exposed to sudden spikes in taxation and/or inflation.  These households are not wealthy.  Their savings are invested in their homes and they’re relying on that investment to be their primary source of long term security as they retire, start a career or seek to raise a family in Guelph.

Finding common currency in Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative

The idea of residents finding common currency (or interest) in Environmental Initiatives is very important to me.  Whether your currency is financial (ROI), social or environmental, your values should be reflected in the Community Energy Initiative (CEI).  This is how we as a council can ensure as broad based support as possible.

Looking back to April, 2016 I’m confident that the process (and debate) council undertook on updating the CEI will prove to be successful.  With strong fiscal and environmental performance metrics embedded in the plan; moving forward we can now report back to citizens how the CEI is progressing and whether we are achieving our stated fiscal and environmental goals.

Thoughts on the 9 Year Growth Discrepancy in Guelph’s Operating and Capital Budgets


Closing thoughts on District Energy and the need to rebuild public trust toward Environmental Initiatives in Guelph


Update on Guelph’s Existing District Energy System

Guelph, Ont., July 18, 2016 – Guelph’s existing district energy nodes in the downtown core and Hanlon Creek Business Park will continue to operate with no further expansions at this time, as directed by Council this evening.

The financial and technical performance of the existing nodes was evaluated by Deloitte and FVB Energy Inc. to develop a business case for the future direction of district energy in Guelph. The business case outlined three options: exit the current investments; operate the current nodes as is; and preserve the opportunity for growth.

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My Career Away from Guelph City Council – Protecting the Catch of the Century


FAQ’s regarding road reconfigurations and bicycle lanes

Have you noticed roads in Guelph look different? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to explain how and why the City of Guelph chooses roads for redesign.

Why are my roads changing? Continue reading

Guelph seeking to leverage social infrastructure funding to reclaim IMICO and advance affordable housing strategy

Guelph pursuing mixed-use development for 200 Beverley Street Inclusive of Affordable Housing 

Guelph, Ont., May 19, 2016–Guelph City Council supports the idea of a mixed-use commercial, residential and affordable housing development at 200 Beverley Street—the former International Malleable Iron Company (IMICo) property.

City Council has asked City staff to prepare the business terms for a mix of commercial, residential and affordable housing development and report back by the end of the year.

“Preparing the property for this kind of development aligns with Guelph’s affordable housing strategy by making good use of surplus real estate assets,” says Peter Cartwright, general manager of the City’s business development and enterprise department. “Also, with Provincial and Federal governments showing support for brownfield redevelopment, infrastructure renewal and affordable housing initiatives, we’re in a good position to take advantage of potential funding opportunities from other levels of government.”

At this point, the City is not approving a specific plan; it will prepare business terms and conditions with potential investors who have expressed an interest in developing the property.

The City is looking forward to working with the County of Wellington on this and other potential affordable housing initiatives.

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For more information

Peter Cartwright, General Manager
Business Development and Enterprise
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